Frequently Asked Questions :


Do I have to have Pilates experience to join?


No, anybody can try Pilates.  The great thing about it, is that you can start at any fitness level and still get a great full body work out.  Each session will build on the one before, ultimately teaching you to use the body as a whole while strenghtening your core and providing the musculature for stability in the spine. 


How is Pilates different from Yoga?


The Mind-Body connection and fluidity of the exercises are similar, however there is a whole line of equipment that exists in Pilates that does not in Yoga.  You are doing exercises with the assistance and resistance of springs and pulleys.  The pulley system provides resistive, bone building, exercises that are low impact and easy on the joints.   


What should I wear?

For both pilates and physical therapy, you should wear stretchy, breathable attire: workout pants, short sleeve tops, and socks.  You will be in all sorts of positions and will want to be the most comfortable you can be to truly concentrate on each move. We require that you wear socks while on the equipment.  Grip or non-slip socks work best and are available for sale at the studio. 


How do I know if Pilates is right for me?


It is right for most people, and most feel better after completing a session.  Mild soreness is to be expected but overall it can help to lose weight, get relief from back pain, tone your trouble spots, and recover from injury.  At Studio P3 we also use the Pilates equipment for rehabilitation purposes, call for more injuries regarding physical therapy.


How often should I take Pilates?


Pilates is safe enough to do everyday, but typically people take sessions 1-3x a week.  It's also fun to get a group of friends together to spilt the price of weekly classes and have some one to be accountable to.  Whatever you chose, be consistent with your sessions.  This will increase your chances of seeing result more quickly. 


How long will my physical therapy session take?


Each session is one hour.  Please arrive 10 minutes before your first appointment to fill out the necessary paperwork for your evaluation.  All other sessions will start on time at your scheduled appointment.  Since we are a one-on-one physical therapy clinic there is no wait time for you appointment.  

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